Frikadellen und Filme

Instead of making food on thursday we did it on sunday. That way we could spend the whole day watching German movies and  I could take my time making the meatballs.

Alison didn’t really pay attention when we were watching A Girl Called Rosemary, so I will be commenting on it.

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die Deutsch romantische Komödie

Word of the Week board

Hallo on this Deutsch Sonntag!  The original plan for German Saturday was delayed one day due to me dragging Kelsey to the movies and then eating outside at a restaurant on our block because there was finally a break in the cool, rainy weather.  On deck for the Sonntag Menu: meatballs, spaetzle, and some improvised Black Forest cake.  On the movie side we watched Rabbit Without Ears, Rosemaire. and What a Man.  I feel like we watched more German movies, but I guess that was it.  I did rent, but we have yet to watch, The Lives of Others.  And I spent a fair amount of time looking at the German Amazon site to see what films I could stream. Well, I was mostly trying to see if I could find a stream-able version of a Rabbit Without Ears 2, but ultimately I wasn’t sure if the version I would be streaming had English subtitles and couldn’t decide if it was worth the amount of euros for a movie that didn’t receive many favorable reviews. Of course after closing the page I then decided that we should watch the sequel, but I was unable to locate it on Amazon Instant Video.  I suppose I should have just gone for it when I thought I had the chance.  Oh well.

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Hallo! Oh my gosh we are getting so far behind.  I’m going to continue blaming travel and being lazy, binge watching The Killing and Hemlock Grove, shopping for Halloween/Fall candles enjoying the last few weeks for summer before the semester begins.

Actually last Thursday Kelsey was away and, since it was my birthday, I spent the entire day eating brownies and ice cream.  To make up for all of the German Thursdays we have missed, this week’s German Thursday will move to Saturday.  We have big plans for German meatballs, maybe some homemade pasta, bread or a dessert, and hopefully some imported beer. Kelsey is in charge of recipes for the week so look for those in our next post. Upcoming movies for Saturday will include Keinohrhasen, because I’m always on the look out for a new rom-com; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, another German silent horror film from the 1920s; and Das weisse Band, because we are still on a kick of German horror films.  I hope to round out the movie selection of this week with another rom-com or some kind of a happier film.

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eine sehr späte

And we’re somewhat back to our regularly scheduled program…sort of.

As mentioned in our last post, we have been pushing the autumn season (and the weather seems to be cooperating) through sheer force of will; mostly through burning pumpkin scented candles, watching horror movies and tv series, turning the ac lower and closing the blinds.  Before we left for our cousin’s wedding Kelsey and I watched three German horror movies: Anatomy, Vampyr, and Nosferatu.  I’ve had some difficulty locating and obtaining some German horror films; it seems like when it comes to foreign films in the horror genre, you’re always hearing about Japanese horror (no doubt they are terrifying.) I was able to find several lists online, but was very limited to what was readily available in my libraries’ collections.

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