Hallo! Oh my gosh we are getting so far behind.  I’m going to continue blaming travel and being lazy, binge watching The Killing and Hemlock Grove, shopping for Halloween/Fall candles enjoying the last few weeks for summer before the semester begins.

Actually last Thursday Kelsey was away and, since it was my birthday, I spent the entire day eating brownies and ice cream.  To make up for all of the German Thursdays we have missed, this week’s German Thursday will move to Saturday.  We have big plans for German meatballs, maybe some homemade pasta, bread or a dessert, and hopefully some imported beer. Kelsey is in charge of recipes for the week so look for those in our next post. Upcoming movies for Saturday will include Keinohrhasen, because I’m always on the look out for a new rom-com; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, another German silent horror film from the 1920s; and Das weisse Band, because we are still on a kick of German horror films.  I hope to round out the movie selection of this week with another rom-com or some kind of a happier film.

While scheduling some content on my libraries’ social media about study abroad and language resources at the library, it dawned on me that I have yet to post about the German learning resources we’ve been using.  I’ll get there eventually with a more organized post with tips for searching library resources and free online resources and apps, but I did want to give an early shout out to a free online class.  The University of Pennsylvania is offering Auf Deutsch: Communicating in German Across Cultures through the Coursera platform.  This course begins in early October and seems really cool; not only will this course focus on the German language, but it will also cover German culture.

If you are unfamiliar with Coursera or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), they are free, online courses offered by renown universities that available to anyone worldwide.  To sign up you will create an account in Coursera and to discover courses you can browse by subject or search.  You may decide to receive a Statement of Accomplishment for completing a course, however there is fee attached with this option. Usually classes include video lectures, readings, assignments, and group discussions.  I have used Coursea in the past to causally try to learn programming and follow lectures of a history course I found interesting.   Anyway, I was very excited to see this course being offered and plan to make an effort to complete all aspects of the course.

Langnese honeyWhile we didn’t have our traditional German Thursday last week we do have an honorable mention and a product, of course we do. For the past month or so I’ve been debating on purchasing the German honey we look at every week in the international section, of all this things to get excited about.  Well among the other awesome birthday gifts from Kelsey was my German honey.  So far I have only used it on bread and croissants and in my coffee, using it to bake seems wrong. To pair this with something educational and to watch, I just rewatched  the Swizz documentary, More Than Honey.  This documentary about the honeybee is currently streaming on netflix and is so interesting.  Admittedly my knowledge of  honeybees only goes as far as The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive episode from the 90s cartoon, and while I had a loose knowledge of how essential bees are to pollination and the environment, this documentary really broadened my understanding.

bis spater!


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