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Hallo on this Deutsch Sonntag!  The original plan for German Saturday was delayed one day due to me dragging Kelsey to the movies and then eating outside at a restaurant on our block because there was finally a break in the cool, rainy weather.  On deck for the Sonntag Menu: meatballs, spaetzle, and some improvised Black Forest cake.  On the movie side we watched Rabbit Without Ears, Rosemaire. and What a Man.  I feel like we watched more German movies, but I guess that was it.  I did rent, but we have yet to watch, The Lives of Others.  And I spent a fair amount of time looking at the German Amazon site to see what films I could stream. Well, I was mostly trying to see if I could find a stream-able version of a Rabbit Without Ears 2, but ultimately I wasn’t sure if the version I would be streaming had English subtitles and couldn’t decide if it was worth the amount of euros for a movie that didn’t receive many favorable reviews. Of course after closing the page I then decided that we should watch the sequel, but I was unable to locate it on Amazon Instant Video.  I suppose I should have just gone for it when I thought I had the chance.  Oh well.

"Black Forest Cake"This week I took charge in making the spatzael and the Black Forest Cake, however in providing full disclosure, I cut corners everywhere and used items we already had in our pantry.  The spaetzle was purchased from the store, and like the last time, I cooked as per the directions, then added minced dried onions, parsley, and cheese.  I honestly can’t call what we ate Black Forest Cake it wasn’t Black Forest Cake at all; what you see here are brownies cut into circles, dowsed in the cherry juice from a jar of maraschino cherries and decorated with whipped cream, cherries, and dark chocolate shavings.  They were certainly pretty and very delicious.  Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is not named for the Back Forest region, but rather for a type of liquor made in the region called Schwarzwälder Kirsch which is used in the cake.  The cake isn’t supposed to be very sweet; made by layering chocolate cake with a whipped cream mixture and a cherry filling.  There are many recipes out there using cherry pie filling – this is not authentic.  Next time I’m in our liquor store I’ll have to see if I’m able to buy Kirsch – the dry brandy distilled from black cherry juice – and then legitimately make Black Forest Cake.  I found a great recipe with stellar reviews that I will  be using in the future; if you would like to read more about Black Forest Cake and view a different recipe Germany Insider Facts has a small article.  Kelsey will be following up with her recipe and review for the German meatballs she made for us.

Back to the movies and German language learning for the week.  I’m not totally sure if it is me doing bad searches, but it seems like there are very few romantic comedies coming out of Germany. I happened upon a Rabbit Without Ears in my library collection and I was so excited.  I think we’ve, or I’ve talked about it before, but the overwhelming majority of German movies I find are heavy and mostly about the war (WWII) or communist Eastern Germany.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or that I’m really complaining, I just happen to enjoy the lighter movies to break things up and have an easier time understanding what is being said.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I thought Rabbit Without Ears or Keinohrhasen was cute and light and, if readily available, I Rabbit Without Ears movie posterwould watch the sequel in a heartbeat.  The reviews on the back of the box compared it to Notting Hill…I’m not quite sure about that…For me the story didn’t quite come together, however I thought the actors were completely charming and this movie played twice in one day in my apartment.  I love that there is a sequel! And as mentioned above, I thought that I had found it available for streaming on Amazon, but now I’m not so sure and unfortunately I can’t find a library close to me with this version.  One last thing to say about this film, well not the film but the actual disc, I had to play this on my computer because it was a region 2 disc and my DVD player got all sorts of confused.

We also played What A Man which is currently steaming on Netflix.  This falls into the rom-com genre, but I can’t say this one really held my attention as I was much more absorbed in reading reviews for a Rabbit Without Ears 2, but I did appreciate that Shae from Game of Thrones was in this.  Kelsey will be recapping Rosemaire in her post about the meatballs 😉

In other German movies I would really like to see, A Coffee In Berlin was recently playing with limited release in the US of course not anywhere close to where I live.  Also titled, Oh Boy, this movie has been compared to Frances Ha, has received great reviews and picked up some major awards.  A Coffee in Berlin isn’t available yet on Amazon, on the other hand Oh Boy is available on Amazon Instant Video (German domain) for 6,99 euros or roughly a little over 9 US dollars.  But again I am not quite sure if I would be able to apply English subtitles.  I’m sure we will end up watching it over the long weekend with or without subtitles because I am a total sucker for movies about people who are a bit lost in their mid to late 20s, movies shot in black and white, and bonus points for an awesome jazzy soundtrack.

In an attempt to make more of an effort toward practicing our German, I borrowed from one of my libraries two childrens’ German language learning kits (say that five times fast).  These books come with accompanying audio discs telling the stories of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.  The stories are written in English and with incorporate German words into the text.  I loved listening to the stories, despite being understandably short, however I think that it would be better for us to have something a bit more advanced.  I also bought a white board for our refrigerator and have declared its use for “German Words of the Week.” Words will have to be incorporated into sentences.  We’ll see how long this lasts…



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