My sister and I come from German heritage. Many of our ancestors traveled from Germany (Prussia at the time) during the mid to late 1800s. Both of us had taken German in high school, but never continued to become fluent.

This past January I started my masters’ degree in climatology and moved in with my older sister who lives in the University’s town. Since living together we talked about becoming bilingual. And what better language to try than German which we already had a previous introduction. Some of our inspiration comes from my research advisor who is originally from Germany and moved to the US about 10 years ago to get a PhD at Princeton University.

With this said we decided to learn the German language by dedicating every Thursday to the German culture. On Thursdays we will eat German inspired food and watch German movies. To keep an on going list of the food and movies we try we started this blog.

For this blog both my sister and I will be posting. It’ll be pretty clear that we have different writing styles. I (Kelsey) being a scientist tend to write without feeling or too much pizazz while my sister (Alison) tends to write like a conversation.


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